More New Suppliers at Peckham’s

//More New Suppliers at Peckham’s

More New Suppliers at Peckham’s

It’s been another exciting month at Peckham’s, we are continuing to grow our list of local, quality & ethical suppliers every single day!


This month we have introduced Egglicious eggs from a farm on the outskirts of Stirling. Egglicious is very much a family run business which Jim & Hilary Strathearn started about 4 years ago as a hobby for their daughter! Their eggs come from free range, free roaming, happy hens and you can absolutely taste the difference.


(Photo credit – Egglicious Facebook Page)

Mossgiel Farm Milk

We have also started stocking milk from Mossgiel farm in Ayrshire. Not only do we love the quality of the milk from Mossgiel, but we love their story too! Mossgiel Farm focuses on “organic farming for a sustainable future”, the land (once farmed by Robert Burns) has been in the hands of Bryce Cunningham and his family for three generations and like many dairy farms, following the downfall in prices suffered by the industry they made a decision to differentiate. Mossgiel farm, driven by Farmer Bryce, became focused on working with nature to fulfil a sustainable and ethical future for the environment and the community but also for the lovely Ayrshire cows!

Mossgiel Farm are actually about to start a crowdfunding campaign in order to get their fantastic product into glass bottles! If you’re interested in supporting this, head over to their Facebook page to get the latest news & announcements!


Another supplier we are delighted to be working with is Locavore, Community Interest Company. Based in Glasgow itself, Locavore are supplying Peckham’s with fresh, local, totally organic fruit and vegetables. With three sites, all within 10 miles of the city centre, Locavore manage all of their growing to organic principals and all three of their sites are in conversion to organic certification with the Soil Association. One of the things we love about using Locavore is the slightly more unusual fruit and veg products that they supply, some recent favourites have been purple sprouting broccoli, wild garlic and pak choi. Not only have these new veggies and wonderful fruits been a hit with our customers due to their fantastic flavours – but they have brightened up our shop with their natural vibrancy… see below!





Barnhill Scottish Asparagus

Sticking to the Fruit & Vegetable theme for now… another Scottish producer we are thrilled to be working with is Barnhill Asparagus Farm…. Yes, Scottish Asparagus! We have had a fantastic season for Asparagus at Peckham’s as we’ve been able to offer truly delicious, flavoursome, Scottish bunches to our customers for the last few weeks.

This local seasonal produce has also inspired our chef and manager Jenny to get creative at the deli counter – with a Barnhill Asparagus and Campsie Glen Smoked Salmon Quiche…

We’ll be sad to see the end of Asparagus season this year, but excited for what’s coming next!

Strathallans Oats

This month we also started stocking Strathallans Gluten Free Oats. The Muirhead family has been farming their land & producing oats for the last 4 generations in Stirlingshire, not realising how special their oats were until more recently when they discovered none of the gluten free oats used in Scotland were actually Scottish! Following this discovery they produced the first Scottish Gluten free oats in 2015 – forcing the Scottish millers and grain buyers to question their markets. While all oats are naturally gluten free, what makes the difference is that through typical growing, processing and packing facilities they come into contact with wheat, rye or barley which contaminates them with gluten. These oats from Strathallans are grown on a gluten free farm, shipped to a gluten free drier then milled at a gluten free mill in Banffshire. Once milled they are then sent to a gluten free and nut free packaging company in East Kilbride to be bagged.  The process sites are regularly tested by the ELISA Test to ensure that they stay gluten free from the farm to your bowl. These Scottish Gluten Free Porridge Oats are also packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre – a bowl of hot porridge makes the perfect breakfast to kick start the day!


Pasta Time Edinburgh

Pasta Time Edinburgh is one of the most recent additions to our new producers stocked in Peckham’s. These fresh pasta shapes are made with organic flour from certified UK specialist millers and organic free range eggs. The company was started to combine the passion and the culinary traditions of the owner’s Italian family from Emilia Romagna region. Cristina believes strongly in “artisan food, handmade with time and passion” and quality is her primary focus for the business. Not only is the pasta fantastic but we are now stocking it in eco-friendly paper packaging! We love their business values and their pasta!

Sebastian Kobelt Chocolatier

To finish with something sweet… The last of the new producers featured in this blog article is Sebastian Kobelt Chocolatier. Based in Linlithgow, Sebastian creates artisan chocolate truffles, exquisite chocolate sculptures and celebration cakes. He spent 3 years working in top Edinburgh restaurants – The Kitchin & Castle Terrace, he is a World Chocolate Masters Finalist and he has just been awarded Chocolatier of the Year at the Scottish Food Awards 2018! We are delighted to be stocking these handmade quality chocolates in Peckham’s now!


Pop in to Peckham’s to sample these new products for yourself – and stay tuned to see what’s coming next!







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