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Keeping it Local

An exciting start to the year at Peckham’s has brought the arrival of some new local suppliers.

At the end of January this year some lucky members of the Peckham’s team attended the Speciality Food Show, held in Glasgow’s SEC. Whilst we were there we had the pleasure of meeting many specialist food suppliers – some of which were based in Glasgow itself! Naturally we were especially excited by these local suppliers that are creating phenomenal, unique products – right on our doorstep. Following this event we are delighted to say that 3 months later we have now secured contracts with 4 of these local suppliers.

Off the back of an article featured in the Herald Scotland online over the weekend – we’d like to take the chance to introduce these new suppliers to you properly!

Rawnchy Desserts

‘Rawnchy Desserts’ is a vegan, raw, plant based cake maker based in the West End of Glasgow. Their philosophy is to provide “all-natural tasty treats that are good for your body and health” and WOW do they look amazing…


When we met Poppy – founder of Rawnchy Dessrts at the food show in January she won us over with her enthusiasm and passion for her product! The vegan cakes go down marvellously in our West End stores – not only do they decorate our deli counter with their all-natural colour and vibrance, but they also taste incredible! Customers without any food intolerances are sometimes even choosing these vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free & refined sugar free cakes over the full-calorie chocolate cakes and tray bakes that we have on offer!

Poppy also created some fantastic Easter treats for us last weekend – both the ‘Easter Bunny Butts’ and ‘Easter Chick’ Cupcakes & Cake Pops were great and sold out in just a few days.

Hawkhead Kitchen

Hawkhead are a brand new company based in Glasgow creating delicious whisky smoked salts and snacks. Their cashews and salts are smoked over whisky barrel oak sourced from Lowland Distilleries. Their smoking wood starts its journey in America as bourbon casks before shipping to Scotland to age whisky. When the barrels age out, they break down the staves and use them in their smokehouse. Hawkhead’s density smoking process gives a rich but mellow taste combined with evocative flavours and infusions.

We are now stocking both a range of their salts and the packaged cashews in both stores! It seems the most popular salts (so far) with the West End of Glasgow, are the Oak Smoked Chilli Salt & the Oak Smoked Rosemary Salt! Come and check them out for yourself and pick up a pack of the smoked, salted cashews while you’re here!

Rebel Chocolate

Rebel Chocolate is a Glasgow based chocolatier who have an ethos of “maximising the good and minimising the bad”. They specialise in making high protein, healthier lactose-free chocolate – they have a very unique product and we are proud to stock it! We met the Rebel Chocolate team at the Speciality Food Show which was actually their first ever trade show – their chocolate seriously impressed us and it was only a couple of weeks before we were stocking their chocolate in both stores.


Jarvis Pickle Pies

We have featured the Jarvis Pickle pies in our blog before – but we just can’t get enough of them! Coming from slightly further afield than the other 3 suppliers –  from Eyemouth in the borders (only marginally further!) – we also met the Jarvis Pickle team at the speciality food show. We sampled their Cullen Skink Pie and the Steak & Ale Pie and we didn’t need any more convincing! Especially when our General Manager – David – who’s not a fan of fish LOVED the Cullen Skink Pie! But it’s no real surprise when their pies went on to win a suite of awards and ‘runner up’ accolades at the British Pie Awards in March. Their Cullen Skink Pie won Champion Fish Class and the Pork and Blue Cheese Pie won Best Meat Pie in Scotland. Both of these flavours are available in Peckham’s and we love seeing how much our customers are enjoying them.


Have a read of the great article that featured on the Herald Scotland website over the weekend! 

PECKHAM’S, the Glasgow delicatessen, has taken on four new Scottish suppliers as part of a drive by to support local producers.

The four were all exhibitors at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show held in Glasgow at the end of January and have now secured contracts with Peckham’s two Glasgow shops.

Deals are in place with three businesses in Glasgow: plant based cake producer Rawnchy, healthy chocolate maker Rebel Chocolate and Hawkhead Kitchen, for its whisky smoked cashew nuts. A further contract has been given to Jarvis Pickle, an Eyemouth-based handcrafted pie maker.

Peckham’s joint owner, Andrew Duncan, said: “We took over the business last year and part of our strategy to refresh it was to overhaul our suppliers and to support as many local producers as possible.”

Mr Duncan, who founded mobile and web technology business SwarmOnline, bought over Peckham’s with food and drink veteran Lee Fish in June 2017, promising to revitalise stock lines.


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