Healthy Trends For 2018

//Healthy Trends For 2018

Healthy Trends For 2018


Happy New Year from the team at Peckham’s! We hope everybody has enjoyed their Christmas and that the holidays were full of mince pies, Christmas puddings, fine wines, and relaxation. We are almost in week 3 of 2018 and so naturally, following a month of excess and indulgence, the January fad diets have begun. Every January the nation launches in to a major health drive, with more people starting diets and joining gyms than in any other month of the year, however more often than not these New Year’s resolutions are broken before February! Having said that, there are a couple of #NewYearNewMe health trends that have made it clear already that they are here to stay…


Over 150,000 people have pledged online to ‘go vegan’ this January, avoiding all animal products for a full month. Celebrities, award-winning chefs and even local restaurants in Glasgow have been showing their support for the campaign. Fancy giving it a go? You’ve got our full support. Here are some tasty treats you can reward yourself with, all available at Peckham’s and ALL completely Vegan friendly!

  1. Try some Alpro Coconut Milk in your coffee in stead of ordinary milk! Ask for a coconut milk latte or cappuccino the next time you’re in Peckham’s. Not only is coconut milk proven to have many health benefits, but it also makes a delicious coffee. Containing only naturally occurring sugars the milk is subtly sweet and low in calories.

  1. Meridian Nut Butter – Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut… There are lots of options beyond the traditional peanut butter! Energy-dense nut butters combined with healthy fats and goodness are delicious spread on toast, in smoothies and even make an appearance in the occasional Peckham’s panini!

  1. With 40% less fat than regular potato chips ‘Eat Real’ Healthy Snacks – including lentil, hummus & quinoa chips, are all both gluten free and suitable for Vegan diets. The perfect snack or addition to on-the-go lunches!

  1. Even in January we all need a real luxury treat from time to time… Booja Booja gourmet chocolate truffles are totally dairy free & Vegan friendly! Grab a box from Peckham’s and while you’re treating yourself, why not pick up a bottle of luxury Palmer & Co Brut Rose Champagne…

Healthy Alternatives

Probiotics & Fermented Foods have also become a healthy food trend that doesn’t seem to be a short-term fad. Kombucha is a fermented, “naturally bubbly”, tea based drink containing sugar and probiotics. Although a relatively recent introduction to the UK health foods market, Kombucha’s roots date back more than 2000 years in China. It is proven to improve digestion, boost your immune system and it’s delicious! Try Captain Kombucha products, available in Peckham’s!

One of the things dieticians and health food specialists are always telling us is to cut back on our salt intake. But not being able to add salt to dishes we are creating can be really frustrating… so why not try Seaweed Flakes in stead!? Mara Seaweed Flakes, harvested and made in Scotland, allow you to cut the salt but keep the flavour! High in magnesium and potassium, without excessive sodium, Mara Seaweed flakes make a great healthy (and tasty) alternative to salt… And they’re available in Peckham’s!

Clearly it is set to be an exciting year for food trends and we are excited to see what happens so we can bring the latest healthy, trendy and quality products to Glasgow! 2018 is also going to be an exciting year for Peckham’s…  Stay tuned to get the latest updates about our delis.


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